Earth in Latin:'Terra'
Us people live in Earth it's also known as 'the blue planet' or 'the world', a stunning world with H2O and life. As a result of that it's a Terrestrial planet, the biggest and the only between the Sun and Neptune. It's Teaming with life including: Homo-Sapien', Animal's and Plant's. Scientist have fought against existence of life elsewhere, but sadly they have not succeeded. Earth is currently the only planet and a body that has life. Earth's friend and natural satellite is named 'the moon' or in Greek 'Luna'. 
  The Earth had/has 4 eras  Pre-Cambrian Era (4.5 billion years ago - 550 million years ago), The Paleozoic Era (550-250 million years ago), The Mesozoic Era (250-65 million years ago) and the Cenozoic Era (65 million years ago to today).
By Syedul Khan

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