Coelus is named after the roman goddess of the sky.

Its Has The Most Brainiest People In There INCLUDING Alvie, Mubin, Syedul,(Hoot Ki,Hoot Ha The HOOT Brothers).
Vegetales and Faruits are yummy!
 In Earth They Call It Vegetables And Fruit!

<---------------The Other Side Of The Planet Is Different

Age: 99.039 Billion Years Old
Mass: 99999999999999999999999999299199939495969798990kg
Diameter: 9999999999999993999998888888888887888888888km
Volume: 268336237947893478936437488764739458354958km³
Moons: 93829873 Including six-year and cleverestgroup.

Gasses: Ethane, Methane, Oxygen, Energy-en, Carbon Alvioxide, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Violet, Brown, Pink,Black, Light Green, grey and White
Distance From Sun: l cm
Temperature: Always Between 18°c and 25°c
Life: Humans, Animals and Hoots
Food: Anything You Want
Constellation: UnKnown not unknown its called UnKnown
Galaxy and Universe: ChocoBar
Named After: Roman Goddess Of The SKY
Facts: Brainiest Planet, No-one Ever Dies, No Bad Things Happened, No Cyclones, Torpedos etc.
Enemy Planet: Chaos ( We Hate Chaos )

Our PROJECT definitely made by Alvie Syedul And Mubin ©2011 MMXI