My Planet Is Called Halibro. 

Age: 7.2 billion years old
Size: 872648726483264237637642386534582 km diameter
Mass: 999238787344 kg
Volume: 109852334487839892874983 km³
Gasses: Methane, Ethane, Carbon mubinoxide, Octane, Water vapor, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Carbon Monoxide, Neutral central Dioxide
Distance From Sun: 114 million km
Temperature: maximum 67 degrees celsius minimum -64 grees celsius average 26 degrees celsius
Life: Halibrolings, halimals, halisaurs, Halibots.
 Food: Anything you want mainly vegetales and fruits to be healthy
Constellation: Libra
Galaxy: Haribo
Facts: It is named after the god of health. In its galaxy it is the biggest planet and the most pupular planet. You can teleport there instead of flying. Only Good people are aloud So have a good behaviour But you can come for a reward, trip ect. There are rules you have to obey but not hard ones otherwise life is impossible! Everyone shares, if someone is poor and has no family then we look after and share with them. No-One dies But you dont have to have vegetales or fruits, you can have anything! If you are bad you can come we change your behaviour with our super intelligent scientists. Everything is free, we have peace, nothing is out of stock.
Our PROJECT definitely made by Alvie Syedul And Mubin ©2011 MMXI