During our project we had to accomplish a fact file of a planet that's just made up this is mine below.    

In Greek Mythology and Cosmology  'chaos' was the first Greek god. He was consider to be the void or the abyss of the beginning of time.

Not like 'Coelus' we do not tempt you greatly. For an a example 'chocolate at your finger tips' (Lindor the best) don't you think that's too much to ask? As well as the idea  of not able to sin and live forever. As humanity we need to learn that sinning as always part of life and that we learn from our mistake. And that we cant always live forever, besides that will be boring. These are the rules of life and we have to live with it.

Apart from that Chaos is a great planet, that's not just coming from me its coming from other people and the planet itself.

Chaos has variety of fun including: the troposphere has free of gravity, the planet itself is a telescope, see the phenomenal of the universe right besides you, be starstruck of the colours of the atmospheric action and many more! This is just the start of it! 

Detail information

The temperature of chaos is just like Earth and it doesn't have a sun
where does it get heat from?
The biggest star currently known VY CANIS MAJORIS, but we will come to that later. Another way is that 'chaos' exposes heat, that is generated in its surface and core and releases in to the atmosphere just like other planet's, but this has a bigger capacity storing much heat as it can like a blanket.
Our PROJECT definitely made by Alvie Syedul And Mubin ©2011 MMXI