Mars=God of war
When we first came across 'the red planet' or Mars, some of us  were very eager of:
What was it like?
How was it created?
Can it be stable for us?
And most of all did it have life on it?
One similarity was the temperature, but soon after it plummeted down to degree minus, that was one let down.
But scientist's never gave up, the soil was what they expected, reddish sand with rocks.They did all they can and thought they found life. To be sure they tested the soil again but found no match to life. They concluded it was the wrong place to search, so they examined another sample and still found no match. All ended there there was no luck in Mars. TO BE CONTINUED...... 
Maybe, some recent evidence from 'Viking' (space probe) showed that million year's ago it had river's and ocean's. One piece of evidence, that stands out is the a unexpected meteorite, which was thought to be from Mars, and may contain such Martian bacteria in microscopic fossil,  classified as 'ALH84001' or Allen Hills 84001, it landed in Antarctica, while U.S meteorite hunters were on a project called ANSMET.   (read Dan Brown 'Deception Point' for more information).   Biggest Canyon in the solar system 'VALLES MARINERIS', which is the size of CHICAGO TO NEW YORK! Also it has the biggest Volcano or Mountain 'Olympus Mons', which is equivalent to nearly 3x the height of mount Everest. Now though the water has froze in the Cryosphere (find what it means!)
 Poor Mars lost it's atmosphere and to make thing worse it's surface water evaporated in to the mean dark space leaving the poor little planet with nothing :). But don't worry yet his demented moon's, 'Phobos' and 'Deimos' came to reassure him.
By Syedul Khan
Our PROJECT definitely made by Alvie Syedul And Mubin ©2011 MMXI