Venus was a roman goddess in Greek she was called Aphrodite, who was the god of love and beauty. On venus you would weigh less than you are on Earth, because the planet has less gravity.  People think that Venus is Earths sister. It is almost identical to Earth's size. Venus has the same material of Earth. However if they are twins, then Venus is the evil twin because it is red. Venus is a hostile world, where the surface temperature is hot enough to cook a food in second's.It is also known as 'living Hell'. Venus' 4 billion year ago life would have appeared very similar to the Earth. The two would have been identical. However after 1 billion years Venus changed so it is different than Earth. Like Earth, Venus also has a liquid molten core. If you landed on Venus straight away you will be on the ground lying down. Venus has no moons. For a long time most scientists thought that Venus probably had plants, animals, and possibly even people. However because Venus is so hot we now know that it is impossible for anything to live there. Venus is normally 449 degrees Celsius.
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