Mercury is named after the the roman god Hemes, who was the messenger of other gods. The surface is just like Earth's moon, with huge amount of impact Crater's, as well as a chalky dust surrounding the granular planet.On Mercury you would weigh less than what you would on Earth, this is because it has less gravity than Earth. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, but its not the hottest. When it is night on Mercury you will be able to see the Earth. People often call the planet the morning star, this is because in the morning if you look close Mercury will shine brightly before the sun rises. In addition to that it is called the evening star as well for the same reason.Mercury is much smaller than the Earth, because of this the planet Mercury has already cooled down completely. It does not have a core like those of the Earth and Venus. Its core is molten. It has no atmosphere because it haven't got enough gravity. If any gasses go then you will be in space. The planet has no air because the solar winds, from the sun, pushed the air away. The maximum temperature is 465 degrees Celsius and the minimum is -184 degrees Celsius. It is 57 million km from the sun, the volume and mass is 5% of Earths one.
This is the Planet Mercury
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