This task will be the last of our project. You can consider that you can transform it in a rap or poem. We were meant to do acoustic poem, but I think I can do better then that. 
I was  about to do rhyming couplets, but thought it will take long. 
  All Across is chaos,

 He had a friend, Helios.

Friendship ended there while playing Mario bros

 he had a girlfriend which was named Eos.

 And they went on holiday in Nigeria, Lagos,

 The relationship finished, ending him with a very big loss

After he had fights against Phobos.

 He wore tatty clothes, which were covered in moss.

 He asked his momma can I have some candyfloss?

And was very addicted to glucose!

“NO” she exclaimed she was very cross.

 Although at the end he thought he was the supreme boss.

 Smoking large amount of cocaine dose.

Now there is a statue of him in Argos. 

Our PROJECT definitely made by Alvie Syedul And Mubin ©2011 MMXI